First Baptist Church
Amherst, NS


“All are welcome”
Welcome to First Baptist Church!  
If you are visiting please sign our guest book.  
Please join us in the Vestry following church 
for lemonade and conversation.   
A special welcome to the congregation of 
Trinity-St. Stephen's United Church 
as part of our summer services.

If you are new to this church, welcome and take some time to find out what we have to offer. If you are a long time member, thanks for the continued support and input in the daily life of this congregation.
Together we have a vision to make First Baptist Church a people friendly, theologically open and active church. In the midst of a changing world, it is good to know that this church continues to be active and alive in our work for the Lord and the community. 
God bless and enjoy being a part of the family of God here at First Baptist.   
               The Rev. Byron Corkum, Senior Minister


Where has the time gone, Lord?  It seems as though we just got started with summer, having plans for rest and recreation, leisure and celebration.  Then suddenly we are at the end of the summer.  We know, as we being to focus more closely on our daily planners, that time fills up fast with duties, meetings, organizations, and just generally getting back into the swing of things.  It is easy for us to get lost in the obligations and to neglect our commitment to you.  You have girded us for the journey, giving us armaments of faith.  Your beloved Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, has poured out blessings upon blessings in his teachings that we might be made whole and be in good and faithful service to you by serving your world.  Open our hearts and spirits, Lord, to faithful ministries in which we may take part.  Let us take the extra steps into the wondrous mission to which you have called.  Heal, restore, and prepare us for service.  For we ask this in Jesus’ Name.  AMEN.	


L:	We believe we are here because of the eternal generosity of that Holy Lover whom we call God.  Because God is, there is a universe;
P:	galaxies, sun, moon, and the green earth.
L:	Because God is,
P:	there are mountains and plains, streams and seas, forests and grasslands,
L:	Because God is,
P:	there are living creatures; seagulls and wallabies, parrots and butterflies.
L:	Because God is,
P:	we are breathing, thinking, feeling, self-aware creatures, asking deep questions and reflecting in prayer.
L:	Because God is,
P:	we are made for loving, and by the grace of our Brother Jesus, we find the liberty to be people of uncalculating compassion.
L:	Because God is,
P:	we have a Spirit-Friend who inspires and counsels, comforts and gives new life to all.
L:	We believe in God,
P: 	who’s nature is creativity, shaping our lives and the lives of our neighbours, luring us all to live life generously and compassionately.


	Patient Lord, we are a culture that wants the quick and easy answers to all of life’s problems.  We want to be able to open the Bible and place our fingers on the passage that will answer all our questions and heal all our hurts.  It is difficult for us to deal with the knowledge that discipleship requires patience and perseverance.  Jesus’ own disciples struggled with his teachings.  It took a long time for them to understand fully what Jesus was saying and how they were to respond.  We are no different.  The words of Jesus take time for us to comprehend.  Forgive us, Lord, when we are so impatient; when we just want to “get on with it”, and be where the action is.  Help us to understand the commitment we make in discipleship, through the rocky times and the smooth seas alike.  Push us in our ministry of help and compassion to do more than we ever thought we could do in helping others.  Give to us that extra measure of faith and commitment that we may truly serve you by serving others.  In Jesus’ Name, we pray.  AMEN.

Senior Minister

Rev. Byron Corkum

Minister of
Christian Education

Rev. Don Miller