First Baptist Church
Amherst, NS

God gives us everything,

His wisdom strength and love,

He also gave us mothers,

And we thank the stars above!


“All are welcome”
If you are new to this church, welcome and take some time to find out what we have to offer. If you are a long time member, thanks for the continued support and input in the daily life of this congregation.
Together we have a vision to make First Baptist Church a people friendly, theologically open and active church. In the midst of a changing world, it is good to know that this church continues to be active and alive in our work for the Lord and the community. 
God bless and enjoy being a part of the family of God here at First Baptist.   
               The Rev. Byron Corkum, Senior Minister


Amazing Grace!  How sweet the sound.  A grace that saves us from ourselves.  Father for the comfort of a favourite hymn.  For the power of a simple prayer.  For the hope of a better tomorrow, we are thankful.  Help us to translate our thankful hearts into healing words and kind gestures, and may love be our only motivation.  Help us, holy God, to be a thankful people.  Amen.

We play a little game on Sunday mornings.  We lay in bed and decide if we are going to church or not.  We decide whether we’re too busy or whether we deserve a break.  We see church as boring.  As a chore.  As something we probably should do rather than the incredible opportunity that it is: to be in the very presence of our Creator.  For our lazy, half hearted attempts at being spiritual - we apologize.  Give us a new attitude towards Sunday worship.  Create in us new, clean and worshipful hearts.  Amen.
L:	Sometimes we get down and discouraged Lord.
P:	Sometimes You seem very quiet.
L:	Sometimes we wonder if our feeble efforts make any difference at all.
P:	Sometimes we get bogged down in our own agenda.
L:	Sometimes our words fail us and our faith feels small.
P:	Sometimes we wonder if you even hear our prayers.
L:	Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we are up and down like a yo-yo.
P:	Sometimes we feel like giving up.
L:	Sometimes we need the courage to doubt and yet believe.
P:	Sometimes we just need to simply trust when our faith is small.
L:	Trusting in Jesus
P:	That is all.

Son of God, whose heart is peace, 
Son of God, most holy, to your presence 
we have come; give us now your love.

Senior Minister

Rev. Byron Corkum

Minister of
Christian Education

Rev. Don Miller