First Baptist Church
Amherst, NS

“All are welcome”
If you are new to this church, welcome and take some time to find out what we have to offer. If you are a long time member, thanks for the continued support and input in the daily life of this congregation.
Together we have a vision to make First Baptist Church a people friendly, theologically open and active church. In the midst of a changing world, it is good to know that this church continues to be active and alive in our work for the Lord and the community. 
God bless and enjoy being a part of the family of God here at First Baptist.   
               The Rev. Byron Corkum, Senior Minister


Directing God, who has offered us a way through the darkness to your light, be with us this day as we rush headlong into this holiday season.  Remind us again of the wonders that you have in store for us.  We are getting wrapped up in ribbon, tape, and paper to the point where we can no longer move.  We are prisoners of our own best intentions, reflected in our gifts.  Break through the clutter and the darkness of our souls.  Shine your light on our path.  Calm our spirits, lift our hearts to you.  As we have lifted so many names and situations to you for your healing and comforting love, we also bring our lives, our selves for your care and mercy.  Help us remember that you always care for us.  You have sent us your very best, not in a greeting card, but in the person of Jesus, your beloved Son, that we might come out of our darkness and into the light of your Kingdom.  Heal and protect us, gracious Lord.  Shine your light again in our lives that we may see the true spirit of this season is in loving and taking time to listen and care for our selves and for others.  In Jesus’ Name, we pray.  Amen. 


L:	Unpredictable, irrepressible, dancing, laughing Spirit, when we’re tempted to be cautious and hesitate, 
P:	Draw us forward into the surprising and joyful future you have waiting for us.
L:	Unpredictable, elusive Spirit, when we’re tempted to opt for certainty,
P:	Free our spirits to adventure and risk, as your people have always done.
L:	Unpredictable, people-loving, freedom-loving Spirit, when we’re tempted to be shackled to comfort and conformity, 
P:	Enable us to leave such things behind, call us through your people into the surprise of each new day.

L:	Clear our vision, so we may see things, to which we’ve paid no attention in the past.
P:	Sharpen our listening, so we may hear pleadings and cries we’ve never heard before.  Strengthen our hands, so we may do things we’ve previously not dared to try.  
ALL:	Put a new spring into our step, so we may follow your leading into new situations.  Draw us dancing and laughing into tomorrow.  (J Connan)

PRAYER OF CONFESSION: [Unison][Seated]  
	December is upon us, Lord, and we are on the “greased slide to Christmas.”  Time seems to get away from us and we get trapped in the buy-wrap-send syndrome.  Lord, we confess that it is easy to get involved in all these opportunities and stresses that come our way.  Forgive us when we put our faith on a back burner and focus instead on pressures in our lives.  Help us to take time to see your beam of direction which shines in our path, leading us to peace and hope.  Clear our spirits of the frustrations and anxieties of this season, so that the Light which you are sending into the world will truly shine in and through us to others.  These things we pray in the name of Jesus, our Hope and our Light.  Amen.
Senior Minister
Rev. Byron Corkum

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Minister of 
Christian Education
Rev. Don Miller

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